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If you are looking for a part for your vehicle such as a Wheel, Hubcap or center cap you have came to the right place! Now you’re probably looking at our selection right now and not sure what you’re doing or what to do so its okay because along the way I will be here to help you and get you the right part you will be needing. In this tutorial I will break it up into steps and I will include screen shots to help identify key points on the website.

Screen Shot

At this point you should see the shop page

The shop page is where all the magic happens, you can use this page to go from having a bunch of random items thrown on your screen to having all the parts that came on your vehicle listed in a grid layout neatly for you to select from!

This is the vehicle selector

Like many other big name companies we have a vehicle selector option on our shop page that will allow you to select the Make, Model, and Year of the vehicle you are searching for a part for!

Selecting the right part

After you select the Make, Model and Year of your vehicle the shop should load a list of the items that have been known to come on your vehicle from the factory if you are not seeing the part you need because of the long list of results make sure you have selected the part type you are looking for. From here you could simply look for the part you are looking for from the selection and try to match it up if you still don’t see what you are looking for dont hesitate to give us a call as we may have it or be able to get it but we just simply do not have it listed on the website yet!

Searching for a part or part number

If you have the part you need such as a center cap you may have a part number on the back if you can locate that part number you can actually use that number and search the website from any page by using the header search box at the top right as a keyword or part number search box and see if it returns any results. If all else fails call us at 239-334-8711 and we can help you locate your needed part!

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